If you don’t know, Naked wines is a wine subscription service that allows members to purchase wine directly from selected independent winemakers.

The offer – to entice people to sign up is via a quiz, more on that in a moment, and a discounted first box. This is actually really good value, by the way – if you like wine check them out.

After the trial offer, things get a bit more expensive, but if you regularly buy wine around the £10 a bottle mark then it is probably worth joining the subscription service. You can sign up using this link and get a whopping £80 off:

The wines I had, were mostly excellent, the one wasn’t keen on they refunded and gave some discounts on future purchases.

What’s this got to do with Marketing?

Well despite my love of red wine, this post is actually about marketing. Props to the Marketing Team at Naked wines. The customer acquisition, onboarding, the email copy throughout the whole customer journey are really good.

I really like this approach, how they give away, at the front end, “secret” knowledge, Discounts, fitting in – joining a community of like-minded people etc, then try to hook you on the subscription with exclusivity and regular discount offers. – A good rounded package with broad appeal!

The onboarding quiz

Naked kick of their pre-onboarding with a quiz, cleverly steering you to their USP.

Naked say that spending £5 or £6 on a bottle of wine in a supermarket actually gets you 31p of wine the rest is tax, marketing, sales fees, and distribution costs. But if you spend £10 you actually get £2.70 (still not great). Spend over £30 on a bottle of wine and you’re mainly shelling out for brand name and reputation. Quality doesn’t get much better past a certain point, no matter how much cash you flash.

They ask this in a series of quiz questions, that play on basic emotions, Do you know this, do you want to know the truth? So do you think it means the more you spend the better the wine is? Do you want to know the secret?

The quiz ends with a question that promises to reveal all

Naked Wines

Then hits you with an offer – of course the solution is naked wines

So this offer contains all the elements


Once you get into the Naked wines environment, they use a lot of social proof throughout the site, leverage community, both amongst members – recommendations – who likes which wines extra – displayed as percentages “98% of members liked this wine”- and posting and messaging between the winemaker and member. If you leave a review on a bottle, it is likely that you will get a reply from the winemaker. There is also an element of scarcity too, Limited stock left on a popular wine, etc.


The quiz approach by naked wines is a fantastic way to get their message across, people then go out and spout their new-found knowledge furthering their message, the community approach is also good. The email copy at Naked is also excellent, so I will probably post about that in the future, some gems there too!