Rule: No One Cares About You

That’s right – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!

No One Cares About You - Neville Medhora

This is the first page of Chapter 2 from Neville Medhora’s book ‘This book will teach you how to write better.

People don’t care about YOU

They care about THEMSELVES

This is an important fact that I remind everyone at every opportunity.

Too many businesses fall into the trap of talking about themselves; what they have achieved, how caring they are, how many customers they have, how many users they have, how many staff, how many products, how many services, how long they have been in business.

It sounds nice, especially the caring thing, and it is kind of important, but your clients and certainly your prospects really couldn’t care, it is way way down on their list of things to know about what your business offers.

No one cares about you, So what do they care about?

People care about how your product/service/information will help them, how it will improve their lives, how much money or time it will save them – typically these are the most important things in a new business engagement. – of course, there are more complicated drivers and issues…

But essentially this is it –

  • How much money will it save me?
  • How much time will it save me?
  • How will it improve my life? (Mostly these are considered in time and monetary savings)

This is nothing new, most people in Marketing and Sales know this, but it is the one thing that slips from the mind easily when we start writing our webpages, emails, guides and brochures. I have been in meetings where we have talked about what the customer cares about, what the benefits are… and when it comes to writing the copy it often comes back self-centred.

I suspect that this is because it is really hard to know what the prospect is really thinking and it is an automatic response to start writing down things about your company or product that sounds nice. We want people to like our company and products – of course we do. But telling someone, won’t make them believe it, it won’t make them buy it.

It has to be about them – FIRST.

As I said, this post was inspired from Neville Medhora’s Book – you can buy it here:

I did…

I Bought this book!