Rule: Start a sentence with ‘And’

This copywriting rule, “start a sentence with ‘And'” is a bit controversial. It breaks the grammar conventions you were taught at school, and that’s okay because, be honest now, you don’t talk in the way you were taught in the classroom.

It’s okay to start a sentence with ‘And’

Here’s the truth: when it comes to effective communication, the rigid structures of formal education and grammar don’t always cut it. I am not saying that you should ignore everything you were taught and throw all the grammar rules out of the window, but this is one where you might!

You were taught a set of rules in school – don’t split infinitives, avoid ending sentences with prepositions, and never start a sentence with ‘And.’ But let’s face it: real-life communication doesn’t always stick to these rules. Starting with ‘And’ allows you to inject a dose of authenticity into your writing, mirroring the way people really speak. And it also helps break up long sentences that are hard to read.

Some purists might cringe at the thought of defying the sacred grammar rules. I have had bosses like this “Why are you starting a sentence with ‘And’, don’t use contractions, Numbers up to and including ten should be written as text 🤮” The landscape of language is dynamic, and so should your approach to it be. The goal of copywriting is to capture attention and convey messages effectively, not just to follow the rules that were written for a different purpose.

Effective communication often requires bending the rules to suit the needs of the audience and the medium. So it also means that you first need to know your audience, if your audience is a group of English language academics, you may choose not to start a sentence with ‘And’.

Choosing to Start a sentence with ‘And’ isn’t just about flouting the rules for the sake of it; it’s a deliberate writing tool to help build momentum and amplify impact. When used correctly your writing will flow better and you will grab your reader’s attention and emphasize key points. And making your copy memorable and impactful.

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